Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SLOW down already!!

It's been a fun, rainy day today. Usually I would be going crazy with kids climbing the walls, but we made out relatively well after school. I credit this to the fact that my youngest only watched about half an hour of television, then when his sister got home she didn't go straight onto the computer.

Instead, she made bran muffins while I made supper, and he drew pictures. After supper tonight we planted seeds (apple and green pepper), covered over our milk-carton flats with plastic wrap and set them in a south-facing window. Who knows if they will grow? Who cares? We had fun and got our hands dirty doing it.

A friend of mine is touting the "Slow Food" movement, which is committed to eco-friendly, wonderful food made with love. This led me to think more about the "Slow Movement" (www.slowmovement.com) which encourages us to enjoy connecting to each other, our community, and our environment. I am trying to do the same, and I realize that this has been a long-term process, going back several years. I cook a lot of our food from scratch. I am now sewing curtains for a good friend of mine, enjoying learning new sewing techniques and accepting the little imperfections that she and I both say are just "adding character" to the whimsical pieces of fabric.

This of course has connections to the way I envision birth. A slow unfolding, a great process that needs no "artificial" intrusions. Birth isn't a chore, it's a labour of love that we need to undergo for ourselves and our babies.

Maybe tonight or tomorrow you can give up a half an hour of television and make some muffins or an easy soup for you and your family (or friends, if you are single!). Maybe you can take that half an hour and take a leisurely walk through a local market, craft store or fair-trade store. Give yourself the gift of YOUR time. You won't regret it!

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