Friday, May 23, 2008


Today I attended an awe-inspiring birth. I'm tired, I'm moved, I'm relieved. I am so proud of, and happy for, the family I served.

My client had a dream for her birth. She had an incredibly supportive husband. They were a team, they respectfully requested birth care on their terms, and what was deemed "risky" two days ago ended with a peaceful, low-intervention birth. The staff involved were tolerant and truly worked with this couple, discussing options and giving them the space they needed to make decisions. This mom listened to her body and pushed as she saw fit; her big baby slid out while mom was squatting on the floor. Most importantly, she got what she wanted from her birth: to have an active role in the process. At one point, just before her baby entered the world, she let out a laugh that I thought sounded frustrated. I immediately said, "You're almost there!" and she replied, "Yes, I know, I'm happy!"

Tonight I turned off my cell phone for the first time in over two months...until the next client. Today's birth reminds me of all the reasons WHY I do what I do. I love birth, and I love the power and the life that resounds in the process. I am so very grateful to have been a part of today's miracle, and I dream of more to come!