Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PMS in the Valley

I've just returned from a lovely weekend in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Annapolis is a magical place, I do believe....my soul feels nurtured and my creative side is screaming that it oh so wants to come out.

This weekend was a bit of a challenge. This past weekend was my time for PMS. I get tired. My body gets soft and round, I am so thankful that I packed comfy skirts and my favourite, comforting clothes. I have less tolerance for bullshit this time of the month. I feel raw and edgy. The challenge is to balance the irritated feelings and see that, in reality, I am very powerful and CLEAR about things right now.

CLEAR? you say? I know many women who would say they are a mess this time of the month. Full of rage, frustration. May I gently suggest that is because they have a right to be! Maybe you stuff your feelings on a daily basis. Maybe you are super polite to the person who is rude and inconsiderate to you at work every day. Maybe you resent doing everything around the house. Maybe your body and your soul are tired of getting trampled on, by everyone, including yourself. PMS as we know it, the anger, the irritated feelings, it's a wake up call.

Your body wants you to take good care of it. It wants a decent amount of sleep. It wants good food. It wants sunshine. It wants walks. Your soul desires honesty and love. Sooner or later it demands that you figure out your worldview, your place in the world, that you balance your life with good friendships, love, and peace. It's crying for you to keep a journal and pull out your crayons and create.

When you make the changes, even small ones, you will see something happen at this usually dreaded time of the month. You will be honest about your need for space. You will have clarity in your thoughts. You will desire the truth from everyone and every situation.

Thanks for all the encouraging emails from readers. I appreciate it so much!

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Megan said...

I feel that you are right.
And don't you forget it!
I'm sure it must be the same when your pregnant as well.
Hope you are enjoying your changes