Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chance meetings

Today I was blessed to meet a wonderful spiritual guide, Chekotah Bronson. He is from Alberta and on his way through New Brunswick...I don't remember why? But some people that you meet just pour out energy and light. Without even knowing me he gave me words of encouragement and insight about midwifery and serving women, babies and the world.

Thank you Chekotah!

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blueflash said...

Hi, my name is Sarah from SJ. I was just seeing if Chekotah had his site up yet by doing a search, and up came your blog. How nice to see appreciation for one of the few saints who so openly share The Light with strangers. He gets it that God loves em ALL and allows for God to use him!
I also have been blessed by many noncoincidental encounters with him. If it wasnt for Chekotah I would still be lost and confused and a prisoner of sin. He led me to Jesus who I have followed ever since, outa the dark and into the fullness of Life. Noone had told me in all my 30yrs that Jesus was still alive and well and ALWAYS listening, ready to restore our hearts and lead us to a personal relationship with God. He certainly didnt give His life so we could play church!
I hope this encourages you to step out in faith, total trust in God's promises..claim them all sista!

Many blessings of Gods grace in
you and everywhere you go,
blue flash hummingbird
(if you wish to contact me)